We are experts in Systems, Networks and Cybersecurity.

At Aratech we help our customers to improve and grow through IT solution to optimize their resources, minimize risks and maximize results. We want to bring the best solutions of Systems and Cloud services that host the valuable information that your company needs. 

We have a expert team in each area: Systems (L1, Helpdesk/Servidesk; L2, System Administrators; L3 DevOps; L4, SRE), Networks (Technicians, Administrators, Managers and Network engineers) and Cybersecurity (GRC), so that they can integrate with the customer’s team and cover all their IT needs.

Systems, Network and Cybersegurity. What IT profiles does your company need?


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SYSTEMS. Managed Services

With the aim of providing a solution to the speed, with which the technology world has evolved in recent years; to provide a solution to data storage and platforms; both in its deployment, evolution, and management of complex environments in the cloud, we want to help in the design, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring.

Our large team of specialized experts has a long experience in different levels such as:


First line assistance, we will only take care of defining the problem and its cause. We can also provide solutions to the following problems:

  • Communication and networking problems (such as wiring problems).
  • Resolution of incidences related to users and passwords. 
  • Software installation or reinstallation. 
  • Software and hardware configurations. 
  • Solution to queries or incidents remotely.


Administration, supervision, maintenance and security control of the servers in any of the three operating systems. Guarantee the management of all traffic.

We are experts in performance upgrades, maintenance and management incidents and problems that may arise.


We take care of the design, planning, implementation and maintenance of the cloud of your teams. Working with both private cloud and public cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.), thus configuring the environment of any project.


In addition, we have specialized profiles in DevOps Methodology to incorporate processes and tools to balance the needs throughout the life cycle of software development.

L4, SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)

SRE or what is the same Site Reliability Engineer, is the highest level and in this case we will be in charge of automating all the tasks of the cloud, thus ensuring the public / users of the application remain reliable, as it gives stability and quality to the platform.

We help you set up the key metrics for SRE and create an error budget aligned with the risk tolerance level of your systems.



We are specialists in network administration. Protect the integrity of your company’s networks and data. Our specialists configure, maintain and troubleshoot the network components of your cloud-based infrastructure. We help you maintain effective security measures and perform the necessary migrations, upgrades and repairs to improve the performance of your network.


We have technical specialists, administrators, managers and network engineers.


Cybersecurity is becoming more relevant every day and should be considered as a core service within each company.

We are specialists in Cybersecurity. Protect from attacks, unauthorized access, analyze and defend your company against cyber attacks. We have GRC (Government Risk and Compliance) Cybersecurity profiles.

To achieve good security we have the cooperation of both network and blue team profiles to identify the vulnerabilities of organizations and defend them against cyber attacks.